Tech Expo Kapiti 2015 showcased the benefits of living in Kapiti in a digitally literate society, by building business capability and through growing scale.

This was an important, informative and fun-filled event providing hands on experience around e-learning, business and entertainment applications running over Ultrafast Broadband (UFB) and other connectivity tools.

The Expo is a digital enablement event that supports growth for SME business and enhance consumer awareness of digital technologies that support living in a technologically advanced world.

The focus of the Expo was on:

  1. How to take a business from being non digital to becoming connected
  2. New Technology that will help older people live at home safely and for longer
  3. Demystifying the benefits of UFB and making it fun & safe for young people, parents & seniors
  1. Showcasing new technologies already working in schools & educational institutions and the different approaches to learning

The Expo featured a series of workshops that targeted each day’s activities with UFB being the underlying tool for business growth, education and fun.

Expo Outcomes included:

  1. Establish digital connectivity as a core platform for economic growth in the region.
  2. De-mystify the application of UFB to SMEs so that they can adopt what is relevant to their business.
  3. Identify & strengthen key networks in the digital and ICT space.
  4. Involve young people in using digital connectedness to explore work opportunities in the region.
  5. Build strong partnerships with young people & an older population using digital ambassadors as a driver of communication and care.
  6. Involve the wider community in ongoing digital growth in the region.
  7. Promote Kapiti as a “smart” region which attracts investors, businesses and young entrepreneurs. That is – a smart place to live.
  8. Position Kapiti as a satellite for small business start-ups by aligning with Wellington’s ICT strategy.


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